About us

Who we are

Long View Corporation EcoPack (LVC) had been establishing since 2000 , starting as a design house in Malaysia. In order to provide customer with better service, EcoPack had extended his networks through few region. Locally,we had extended our network through North Region (Peneng), Central Region (Kuala Lumpur), and southern region (Johor & Singapore).

The Market


Long term partnership with business associates (both supplier and customer) is our core value in EcoPack.This is to ensure our product quality is excellent and fullfill RoHS requirement for EcoPack to gain a wider market share.


Value for EcoPack is always proven through quick response with innovative design , and using a neutral material as integrated packaging solutions to provide a competitive cost. We growth together with our customer and assist them to gain and expand their market share as well.


Continuous improvement on current design, non-stop recycle programs , and provides more Eco-Mark environmental friendly products are parts of the company objectives towards kyoto aggreements.This direction will lead us stay more competitive in the future green market

Quality is EcoPack's responsibility and we never have to stop getting better.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a optimum packaging solutions with a combination of lowest cost versus highest quality delivered by offering a total solution to your supply chain.

This is best spoke service will positively impact on reducing your operation cost and increase productivity. With a talented team of sales partners, designers and customer/manufacturing support personnel, we are motivated to meet the needs of our regions growing industrial base.


Quality Statement

Firm commitment to an organized system of continuous improvement in our products and policies.

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